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16 October 2020 @ 09:37 pm

1. I am not adding new friends.
2. I am aware that you can't see the pictures on the 1D masterpost.
there is nothing I can do about bandwidth being exceeded.
please stop telling me.
13 October 2012 @ 04:35 pm

♥ hello beautiful world! first things first - where the hell is all the Zayn/Liam fic? I feel like the boys have been all over each other lately and yet! no fic! it is a shame and a disservice to this fandom, is all I'm sayin.

♥ um. Merlin. is back. and Arthur and Merlin? could not possibly be any more perfect than they are. because they are actually perfect. and in love. and. yes.

♥ I might be a little bit in love with a boy here in London? mostly with the way he says "innit" at the end of pretty much every other sentence, but still.

♥ I know everyone is obsessed with this Union J group (by which I really mean George because shut up and be honest with yourselves you're really only obsessed with George. and maybe George/JJ because that is one attractive as fuck pairing) but can we talk for a hot sec about how fucking perfect District 3's voices are? because guys. Union J and One Direction may be awesome and adorable and all that great stuff but as a group fuck can District 3 sing. if you don't know what I'm talking about watch this! (ngl I quite enjoy the looks on both groups faces while the others are singing although for completely different reasons. District 3 has that look of like...when you're playing BS and you realize your cards match up perfectly with your turn for the rest of the game and you know you're going to win and then when they're singing Union J just looks like they're thinking well shit. I may be a little biased.) ALSO. this is like the cutest Judges House performance ever! the way Greg says "Miss Osborne"! and Dan winks at Greg as they start singing! the way they instinctively smile every time they catch each other's eye! and they are such massive idiots! and so endearingly in love with each other! but all that aside, seriously you guys. the singing. (plus here's their first audition. featuring them in a puppy pile, not being able to cook, and talking about how they are each other's only friends.)
28 June 2012 @ 09:41 pm

♥ why do they think it's okay to look at each other like that. who gave them permission. I did not give my consent for these feels.

♥ if you were rooting for/are rooting for anyone other than Germany in the Euro Cup and don't tag your posts about it so I can block them then I may have unfollowed you/will probably be unfollowing you for a bit. but I'm writing your names down so I can follow you again after I stop being bitter! (...I will probably never stop being bitter.)

♥ I just watched 21 Jump Street.[HOW AMAZING WAS THAT MOVIE.]the throwaway hipster line in the parking lot when they first get to the high school was the best. "I don't know what those are. I'm so confused right now." BABY. YOU ARE A STRIPPER. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT. oops. getting characters and actors confused again. but can we talk about how Channing Tatum used to be a stripper? because that is the most awesome shit.

♥ other awesome shit is Carrie Fletcher and Alex Day being adorable and sweet and best friends and linking pinkies while they sing This Kiss together. seriously. could not be more adorable. (also - Carrie was the most precious when McFly were on Deal or No Deal and they asked her about tweeting The Banker about him getting ready for a spanking!)

♥ another thing that makes me ridiculously happy is this Liam/Louis fanvid. I dare you to watch it and not smile foolishly and/or fondly at your computer screen. these boys are all such massive dorks. and Louis and Liam's friendship is totes my favorite for today. well done boys.

♥ as far as TV shows go, yaaaaaay Suits is on tonight! it actually may have aired already? ah the joy of getting to go track down a good stream. and Teen Wolf! Jackson is such a douche but his friendship with Danny is the best. the whole gay thing is such a non-issue and I adore the image of Danny coming out sometime in middle school and being nervous and adorable about it and Jackson just being like "...yeah? so?" and then GLARING DOWN ANYONE WHO EVER MADE DANNY FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE ABOUT IT.

♥ ok. so my sister and I got tattoos last summer and when we left after getting them the tattoo guy was like "hey, I'll see you girls later. just wait. they're addictive. you're gonna come back." and...now I kinda want another one? like. idk. my first one is on my arm (...in the place where Harry has his star. FUCK EVERYONE I HAD IT FIRST, OKAY. I GOT IT AGES BEFORE. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM.) and I know it's silly but now my body feels all off balance and stuff. so. I've been thinking about getting the words not all those who wander are lost in elvish here except obviously a ton smaller and...in elvish. clearly not the most original thing but it has sentimental meaning within my family? and it's so pretty! aaaah idk would I even be able to afford it? probably not. what do I dooooooooo

♥ aaaand last of all I just finished reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and. just. I'm not even gonna try to talk about it, I'm just gonna quote the parts that felt like Dave Eggers was reaching into my brainand stealing my thoughts and writing them down for the whole world to see.Collapse )

♥ oh and one last thing. Danielle could hypothetically be a terrible person (she obviously isn't, but go with me for a sec) who is homophobic and racist and I could be completely 100% disgusted with her but never would I think it's okay to go around ranting about how Liam needs to get a new girlfriend. it is his personal life. it is none of my business. on that note, I don't think it's okay to go around starting petitions for him to get a new best friend either. it is none. of our. business. we have zero real insight into their friendship. we have no idea what Andy might mean to Liam. he may be a douche but if Liam wants to hang out with him that's his perogative.
10 July 2011 @ 03:24 pm
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07 July 2011 @ 07:45 pm
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01 July 2011 @ 05:42 pm
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23 May 2011 @ 02:53 pm
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22 May 2011 @ 01:40 am
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