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The Boys: - Louis Tomlinson title or description Birthday: December 24, 1991 Hometown: Doncaster Audition: Here Random Video: Here- Zayn Malik title or description Birthday: January 12, 1993 Hometown: Bradford Audition: Here Random Video: Here
  • Zayn is gorgeous. This may be the most important thing about the band. Zayn is actually unbelievably gorgeous.
  • He is also one of the boys who can make people laugh the easiest! Because he does awesome accents.
  • If he were to be played in a movie, he would want Freddie from Skins to play him! Which is perfect, and makes me love him.
  • Zayn is currently dating Rebecca, another contestant from the X Factor.
  • At one point in his life Zayn was so hyperactive that his mom took him to the doctor.
  • Apparently Zayn was the most vain person in the X Factor house. He took the most time getting ready for everything.
  • He was also known as "The Human Echo" because One Direction on the X Factor had a bit of a formula for performances. Liam starts the song, Harry sings the rest of it, Zayn provides echoes, and Niall and Louis sing part of the chorus and look precious.
  • Zayn smokes. It's terrible, yes. Is it sexy? Maybe. A lot. Anyway, he also wears ridiculously ironic t-shirts about it, so. I'm okay with it.
  • Okay, I'm just gonna split his pictures up into groups
  • Pretty 1/2/3/4/5/6
  • Gorgeous 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9
  • Precious 1/2
  • Shirtless 1/2/3
  • Zayn's trademark quote is "Vas Happenin!" It's pretty awesome.
  • Idek it makes me feel extra warm and fuzzy inside when Zayn declares his love for the boys.
  • In case you haven't guessed, Zayn is the sexy one.
  • Isn't he adorable though?
  • Of course, sleeping boys are my absolute favorites.
  • This is actually one of my favorite pictures ever. Just. His eyelashes. His fingers. Everything.
  • Here he spells his name out for you, lest you ever forget it.
  • THE EYEBROWS! I love Zayn's eyebrows!
  • Sometimes he invites middle aged women to eat fruit off his naked body.
  • I adore this shirt on him. Of course, I'd love it even more off, but. Semantics.
  • Tongue! More tongue!
  • Wit!
  • GORGEOUS! Seriously, he is like the physical embodiment of the word.
  • Also, ridiculous.
  • But it's okay, he knows he's special.
  • Kissing his little sister!
  • Being a boss!
  • Okay, really, it's insane how gorgeous this boy is. I cannot think of other words, I apologize.
  • Also, he apparently lets the boys dare him into ridiculously disgusting things...
  • Aw, Zayn and Aiden. I love Zayn and Aiden.
  • I don't think I've talked enough about his smile.
  • And how precious he is when he laughs. His laugh is actually my favorite.
  • Ah, the many faces of Zayn Malik.
  • Really like this shirt, for some reason. Idk.
  • In conclusion, this. Also, this.
  • OH. AND. THIS. It's actually one of my favorite videos of a fan encounter ever. The girls somehow snuck around the back of a building and Louis is just like...chilling out sunbathing on the roof and Zayn comes and talks to them (and mentions that now that the girls have found out about the back alley he won't be able to have a cigarette) and it's all very chill and relaxed. (I also love the girls "Don't cry. Don't cry. She handled everything so much better than I would have been able to in her place.)
- Liam Payne title or description Birthday: August 29, 1993 Hometown: Wolverhampton Audition: Here Random Video: Here (Bouncy Castle!)- Niall Horan  title or description Birthday: September 13, 1993 Hometown: Mullingar, Ireland Audition: Here Random Video: Here- Harry Styles title or description Birthday: February 1, 1994 Hometown: Cheshire Audition: Here Random Video: Here
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