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The Story:

- Bootcamp
Alright, so you've seen all their auditions. They all made it past the first round. Following said first round they had Bootcamp, and following Bootcamp there were eliminations.
The boys bit starts at 1:48. I hate watching this because Liam. But anyway. Everyone is sad and crying and then!

Harry running at Aiden will always be my favorite part of this video.

- Judges Houses
NIALL CRIES WHEN LOUIS COMES BACK. THAT IS ALL. (Also, here you get a bit more about Louis and the Sea Urchin)

- Performances and Video Diaries

+ Week One
aka the one where Zayn clings adorably to Niall's face and the Larry Stylinson (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson) bromance is already in full swing.

Niall is totally my favorite in this performance! Even though he messes up and Liam has to hit him to get him back on track. He just has so much sass!
*The results for Week One are here. The boys get saved around 4:40.

+ Week Two
aka the one that has probably made Louis regret ever mentioning carrots. Also Liam chews gum. And giggles. And Niall finds Louis hilarious.

*The results for Week Two are here. The boys get saved about a minute in.

+ Week Three
aka the one where Niall has crazy eyebrows, Louis tries to eat Harry's shoulder, and you get your first real sense of just how strange he really is. In shippy news, Liam and Zayn are absolutely adorable, with Zayn's arm around Liam's knee and Liam's arm around Zayn's neck. And Louis and Harry bicker because Harry stole Louis' go to answer for who he would date in the house.

Hee! This is actually one of my favorite performances! Although I lol at how the other judges always have issues with the song choices. Because they have no other criticism.
*The results for Week Three are here. The boys get saved around 1:45.

+ Week Four
aka the one where instead of giving Louis a high five Harry lightly presses his hand against Louis', and then Louis has to put his head against the wall and fight a smile. NO, I AM NOT READING TOO MUCH IN TO ANYTHING GO AWAY ehehehe JUST WAIT. Alternatively, the one where we find out what the boys would be doing where they not sitting squished on a staircase but instead going about their normal lives. (Which, by the way, can you imagine Zayn as your English professor? ...the has to be an AU somewhere for that.)

Definitely their best performance up to this point. However, the most fascinating part of this night to me is when the host interviews the boys (around four minutes in) and they talk about Liam's leg. First of all I'm confused about why they didn't exploit this at the beginning of the performance like they always do. More importantly though, is the look on Harry's face. Because about 4:35 Louis puts his arm around Liam, but his elbow isn't bent enough for his hand to be anywhere but Liam's back pocket or very very low on his waist. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP I CAN BE A CRAZY DELUSIONAL CONSPIRACY THEORY FAN IF I WANT. ANYWAY. This is wonderful in and of itself. But more wonderful is the way Harry doesn't stop staring at it. He looks at it, gives what honestly looks like a pained smile, looks away, glances back, looks away again and flashes a ridiculously fake smile, looks back yet again, and the smile just slips off his face. It is both sad and adorable and I AM NOT CRAZY, OKAY.
*The results for Week Four are here. The boys get saved at 2:10.

+ Week Five
aka the one where Zayn has incredibly pretty eyes, Harry calls Louis a fucking prick, and Zayn and Harry flirt with their eyebrows. At each other. But Harry still doesn't like people who aren't Louis touching his hair. Despite this, the best part is Niall and Liam giggling like little boys. Again. Also Niall's singing. And then Louis and Zayn bond over Power Rangers, because that's what they do. Also, ZAYN'S FIRST KISS STORY IS HILARIOUS. FAVORITE FOREVER.

You get to see the their room! And what a "tip" it is! ahahaha sorry I cannot get used to the way they talk. ANYWAY. There is also the first occurrence of Louis calling Simon "Uncle Simon," which always makes me smile. ALSO. Watch Harry's hands at 1:30. I know I'm being ridiculously Harry/Louis heavy, but. Hands. They're my weakness, okay? Also, Liam is really hot in this. And Harry buries his head in Louis's neck. IT'S NOT MY FAULT THEY'RE SO TOUCHY.
*The results for Week Five are here. The boys get saved around 1:40.

+ Week Six
aka the one with their onesies. Also the one where they decide to stay as a band even if they don't win X Factor, and I wonder if this is the first time they ever talked about it. And Zayn's last "Vas Happn'ing!" IS ADORABLE.

AHAHAH SIMON THINKS THEY'RE MORE MATURE THAN THE OLDER CONTESTANTS. AND THE CLIP THEY CHOSE TO SHOW WITH THAT COMMENT. NO WORDS. Oh, Harry. As beautiful as Harry is, and as good of a singer as he is, I am never as attracted to him as I am during this performance. Just. Everything. And, and, again with Liam just looking floored with the good comments. He never ceases to be surprised, and it's so endearing.
*The results for Week Six are here. I refuse to watch and see when the boys are saved because Aiden. I will never watch this results show again.

+ Week Seven
aka the one where Louis is actually the cutest thing ever when talking about sprouts. Also I'm pretty sure Zayn is the only boy in the group who has ever really been able to make Louis genuinely burst out laughing, even if he recovers quickly. And I have no idea what a rogan josh is, so. There's that. There is also the fact that Zayn is ridiculously attractive. As always. BUT MORE ACCURATELY, this is known as the one where Harry can't count on his fingers.

Zayn is wearing a suit and a tie. That is all. And I can't find the results show, so. That really is all.

+ Week Eight
aka the one where Louis serves everyone "tea" and Liam wishes he would use Head and Shoulders. and where Niall calls Harry "Harold."

Awww, Harry! Harry picked the song! And Zayn ruffles Niall's hair! And then both Zayn and Niall ruffle Harry's hair! This whole group is just adorbs!

Okay, I take it all back. This is my favorite Harry performance. Also, ZAYN. Everything about it is just beautiful. However, at the same time, I am always angry with this, because Niall and Louis don't even get to pretend to sing. They just stand there. And it's stupid. How did that prove that everyone in the group can sing WHEN TWO OF THE PEOPLE IN THE GROUP DIDN'T OPEN THEIR MOUTHS. Louis during the comments seems very aware of this and it just makes me sad. However, Simon commenting on how far Zayn has come is the BEST THING EVER! So much love. OH OH EXCUSE ME I JUST WATCHED IT AGAIN. LOUIS AND NIALL MAKE LITTLE BACKGROUND "OOOH" NOISES. I STAND CORRECTED.
*The results for Week Eight are here. Boys are saved around 3:10.

+ Semi Finals
aka the one where apparently the boys told Louis he needed to be more serious in the diaries? So what does he do? Of course he is the most ridiculous he has ever been to date. Although this is better known as the one where Niall is a Justin Bieber fanboy and Louis wears Liam's Superman shirt. Liam just looks tired, poor boy. (Also, when Louis gives shout outs to "some random kid called Stan Lucas, and...a girl called Emily Walker," said Stan Lucas is one of his bffs irl, and Emily Walker is the younger sister of Louis's girlfriend, Hannah Walker. So. Best boyfriend ever? Mayhaps.) ALSO. stick around till the very end of the video, yeah?

1. Zayn and Harry. No words. 2. SIMON HAD MAN FLU. 3. THE CARD. 4. REAPPEARANCE OF "UNCLE SIMON."

Zayn breaks my heart. This is one of my favorite performances, though. The boys look great, their outfits are very cohesive and well put together (Niall looks amazing! Liam in that black shirt kills me dead. Also...Cheryl looks gorgeous. Irrelevant, but true.), and there are harmonies! The singing is fantastic! But seriously, Zayn kind of tucking his head into Louis's neck kind of makes me want to cry.
*The boys get through to the final here.

+ Finals
Liam eating is the most adorable thing. That's kind of all I have to say about this. No, that's a lie, I would like to point out that once again Zayn gets Louis to actually laugh, and it makes me happy.

AHAHAHAHAH ONE OF THE SIGNS AT LOUIS'S SCHOOL SAYS, "LIAM YOU SEXY BEAST." GOOD JOB, GIRLS. But on a more serious note, the boy's faces when Harry's dad says they're all family now are so sweet. And Harry and his mom just. Love. So much of it. Zayn is so adorably excited when they go to Bradford! As for the performance, beautiful. But...did Niall forget to take of his jacket or something? He doesn't really go with the theme. At all.

Although of course I'm sad the boys didn't win, I think there's a lot of poetic justice in the fact that their first and last performances on the show are Torn. I also love how you can see the ways their personal styles have kind of melted together. The best thing about this performance is Zayn, though, because the improvement between this performance and the Judges House is astounding. Also, there is mutual head nestling in necks on Harry and Liam's parts! Woo! And finally, the boys being eliminated.

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