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The Shipping:
So, if my OTP isn't your OTP I apologize, because I am biased as hell. Although if you would like to spam the comments with your OTP, please do so!

- OT5
Anyway. We start with the true OTP of the group. Because seriously, these boys all love each other so much it is ridiculous.
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Okay, OT5 gets a new subsection, because you know how in the Korean Entertainment Industry if any two people have the same earring or necklace or piece of clothing everything explodes into shouts of "THEY'RE FUCKING!" yeah. Yeah. Enjoy this bit here.
  •  We start with the Superman shirt because it is my favorite. 1/2
  • There is also their obsession with knitwear. 1/2
  • Although I honestly believe they just stole all of said knitwear from Aiden. 1/2
  • I adore Harry's sweatpants. 1/2
  • Most importantly, the famous purple sweatshirt of love. 1/2
  • Also the brown vest. 1/2/3/4
  • The boys also swap hats. 1/2
  • As well as shoes! 1
  • And shirts, of course. 1/2/3
  • And sweatshirts. 1/2/3
  • Although considering their room looks like this, I am unsurprised that they can't keep their clothes separate. But the point is, clearly they are all sleeping together.
Alright. Enough of that. We could go on forever with pictures of them sharing clothes. Instead we now get to the pretty pictures. I apologize for how hazardous this is going to be.
- Harry/Niall
I think a lot of people ship Harry/Niall. At the Louis/Liam fics that I've read Harry and Niall are often paired up? Anyway, they're both adorable boys and they're quite cute together, so. title or description
- Harry/Liam
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- Niall/Zayn
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- Harry/Zayn
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- Niall/Liam
These two. Are adorable. And kind of adorably clingy. I want to feed them cookies and idk, watch them cuddle.
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- Niall/Louis
Niall and Louis actually have a really adorably fascinating relationship. Niall kind of obviously idolizes Louis and finds pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth hilarious and it's precious and wonderful and all very big brother/little brotherly.
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- Liam/Louis
These two. I actually really really like these two together. They balance each other out really well, what with Liam being mostly sane and Louis being off his rocker. Louis likes to grope Liam on stage a lot. It's good fun. Also, Lilo is totally my favorite ship name. So bonus points for that. Besides, look at them! They're kind of my favorite.
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- Liam/Zayn
Aside from Harry/Louis and Lilo I am actually in denial about how much I love them I like to pretend that I don't these two are totally my favorite ship. Zayn was clearly in denial about how much he loves Liam and they were always shooting each other these angsty looks and every single time I look at a picture of them together I want to write fic. It's a scary thing.
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