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Non-Band Ships
aka the stuff that is actually canon. Plus some others that are just cute?

- Rebecca Ferguson/Zayn
These two met on TXF (Rebecca came in second) and kind of danced around the fact that they were dating for a while but now it's public knowledge. Fans seem kind of split on whether they support these two or not. There's a six year age gap and Becks has two kids, so. People seem to find it kind of awkward? But from the few pictures that I've seen they're adorable.

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- Leona Lewis/Liam
Lol Liam is just so adorable. He's amazingly dorky and fanboyish when it comes to Leona Lewis. This is also the story of how 1D fangirls are amazing.

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- Danielle Peazer/Liam
This is the actual canon Liam pairing. Fans...really don't seem to like her? She's a backup dancer (and a rather amazing one, if I do say so myself) and fans seem to be under the impression that she's "using Liam." There's also the part where Liam has turned out to be super protective of his personal life and relationships to a degree stronger than the other boys, so we have yet to see these two together or have them really acknowledge the relationship. Which I think is another part of what pisses the fans off. They'd rather Liam just come out and say, yes, I'm dating her, we're happy, please be happy for us rather than have them avoid the topic and make fans figure it all out through their few cryptic tweets.

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- Chad Michael Murray/Louis
FAVORITE CRACK SHIP EVAAAAR. Also, yet another story of how these boys have the best fans ever.

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...yeah, those are Louis and Harry's mom's twitters. WHAT OF IT. This is less of a shippy thing and more of an oh my god they're so adorable type thing. They're both really young mothers (seriously, I don't know how old Louis' mom is but she's got the oldest son in the band and she's younger than the band baby's mom.) and I think the fact that they're both so much younger than all the other boy's parents kind of bonded them? They also are really interactive with the fans on twitter, and are - from what I can tell - genuinely really sweet people. (...they're both also really hot.)

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- Hannah Walker/Louis
I...actually ship these two almost as much as I ship Harry and Louis. Yeah, I don't know. The thing about Hannah is that she is kind of really amazing with the fans. She is incredibly patient with the bitchy fans and she's playful and sweet to all the sane ones and fandom just. Loves her. As do I. Which, okay, yes, is kind of weird, but the people who are uncomfortable with the concept of people loving Hannah because she's "just a normal girl" aren't taking into account the fact that One Direction hasn't exactly released any records yet, so at the moment most of us aren't really fans of their music, we're fans of the boys and how brilliant they are. So. Idk. What am I saying. Also part of the reason fandom loves Hannah is because 1) she tolerates everyone trying to steal her man and 2) he was her man prior to the show, so we know she isn't using him for his fame or whatever. Also, they are downright adorable together. As evidenced (a lot) below.

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