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Stuff that Happened After I Finished the Other Posts:

The boys finally came out with their first single! Which I actually liked! Huzzah!

First Music Video:

Other Random Updates!:

In bullet point form because shut up, I like them okay.
  • Zayn and Rebecca broke up. (But Zayn says there's still the possibility of them getting back together.)
  • Louis and Hannah broke up. (But they're still best friends. Best friends for always, as Louis put it.)
  • Liam and Danielle are in love.
  • Niall is still forever alone (except when he's slutting it up with Liam or Louis.)
  • Harry is still the world's favorite.
In other, less relevant news, Liam has become my favorite. I mean, I always loved him, but he's come out of his shell so much in the past few months and he's actually really witty and hilarious and incredibly adorable and I actually cannot cope with his perfection. I mean, I will defend Louis to the death before any of the other boys and he's still the band slut, but. Liam.

In a somewhat related topic, recently all I want to read is Liam/Louis. Also Louis/Zayn BFF fic, because. They're best friends. Idk. Harry and Louis are still desperately in love though, so. There's always that. ALSO! Not in my interests by maybe in yours, Zayn and Harry had like, a week of acting really gay together. It was good times.  And. yeah. That's pretty much it.
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