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Right. New obsession? Care to join? Yeah, trust me, you really really want to join. And to help you with said joining, I present:
The ONE DIRECTION Master Post of Pretty
(and British Boybanding Boyfriends!)
title or description

LJ is being a bitch, so the formatting of a few of the posts are off. Sorry. Also I finished this ages ago, and since then tons of new stuff has come out so in the final post I'll just be putting all the new stuff in the comments.

It should also be noted that quite literally everyone and their mother is online in this fandom. Pretty much all of the boy's families/friends have Twitter, and Louis' girlfriend's little sister is on Tumblr. The boys steal their Twitter pics from Tumblr and have given "the Tumblr girls" shout outs multiple times now. I honestly believe the most important rule in fandom is don't break the fourth wall. It is there for a reason. We need it. If, somehow, this post ever gets around to any of the boys/the people in their lives I will delete it without a second thought. So. You know. Don't break the wall.

The Group:
One Direction is a five member boyband that was created on the UK version of The X Factor (aka Simon Cowell's  show that is kind of like American Idol except you can have groups and duos and Judges have favorites and are mentors). All five of these boys auditioned as solos, and were not good enough to make it through but too good to get rid of, so poof! Uncle Simon made them into a group! And then adopted them. Not really, but. You know. He pretty much did.

ANYWAY! These boys are all gorgeous and ridiculously talented and insane and no, really, sometimes they're all kind of batshit, but they love each other so much and even after the end of the X Factor they decided to stay as a group because they're brothers and boyfriends and because they are just precious precious boys who like to tweet about how much they love each other and all squish onto tiny couches and sleep naked and in each other's beds and it's good stuff, you guys. And age is just a number. FYI. This is an important thing to remember. Age is just a number and I hate everything that has to do with math.

ALSO! Don't judge them based on their auditions, okay? They had not yet met each other and changed each other's lives and, just. Don't judge them based on their auditions. Except for Liam, who you can totally judge based on his audition, because it is the best audition of the show and I love audition!Liam and want to marry him. So. Go ahead with that. These sections can be viewed in pretty much any order, doesn't really make a difference.

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